Workout with me from ANYWHERE!

  1. So glad i discovered this workout series. I tried others on amazon video but got really bored. This one is kicking my butt and it feels sooo good. I need to get in shape for my upcoming wedding. This is my first week and I am actually really excited to workout. I look forward to getting motivated by Sara Moreland to keep at it. She isn't annoying and she keeps you pumped. 5 stars!!!
    Gisele Donan
  2. Love these workouts. Sara is an awesome motivator. They’re each about 30 minutes, so as a busy working mom, I can fit them into my schedule. No doubt about it, you WILL work hard, but don’t give up. In a matter of a couple weeks, I started seeing changes in my body and endurance.
  3. I’ve completed T25 and bodyshred a few times and I was looking for something new. I watched through the first workout before I did it and I thought “that won’t be that bad!” I was so wrong! These workouts are tough!
  4. The trainer keeps things moving fast and does exercises that really make you sweat. I also like that there’s a full class of really strong women behind her - they keep me motivated and it’s less awkward then watching a trainer teach you in their living room.
  5. I get bored easily, so I love how each workout is different from the last. Challenging without being completely brutal, I'm really enjoying these and how fast the time seems to go by. I would love more!
  6. I am two videos away from completing this series, and I already can't wait to do it again. These videos are very physically demanding-- which is great if you're looking to take your workout to the next level. I was seeing undeniable results after two weeks, and it made me excited to face the (positive) pain that these videos can inflict. The instructor is tough, but she also seems to have a good sense of humor which is a big bonus for me. I find it's important to laugh, while you're cursing, as you're pushing your physical limits. And the women in her class have varying ability levels, but they all put their full heart into the workout, which gives a "live" feel in its motivation factor. I'll be looking for more videos from Studio S, for sure.
    T Gor
  7. These workouts are AMAZING!!! I am dripping sweat after every workout. I love Sara's, energy.....she is encouraging and tough, but not obnoxious. I have done several workout series (insanity, get extremely ripped, 30 min to fitness) but this series is awesome. You get an intense, dynamic workout in a reasonable amount of time. I would love to workout for an hour a day, or longer, but rarely have time for that. This is a great, I don't feel the need to workout for excessive amounts of time because I get the burn in the perfect amount of time!!!
  8. First of all, this is NOT for beginners. This is NOT for people who don't already have solid form. This is NOT for people who don't already understand warm up/cool down. And that's what I love about these videos! I was going to a boot camp that I loved, but it was too far away to drive and the price wasn't sustainable. I've been working out for years, both with trainers and independently, so I already know form, technique, etc. That's not a brag - but I hate it when I try to do a workout video and they waste my time explaining form or showing me the moves. What I love about this is that not only does she kick my butt every single time, she assumes that I'll be coming back again to this video, and won't need explanation. I am getting great results because she combines cardio and weights. Other reviewers are complaining that she isn't encouraging, but it's called BOOT CAMP - this is supposed to be harder than your Jane Fonda routine. I appreciate that she's badass making badasses. And I also love that there are women in the video of varying fitness levels, and when I'm ready to die, I see one of them also ready to die. It's validating that yes, this really is hard. There are plenty of "ease into it" videos out there. But if you're looking to replace your gym membership fees and you're wanting hardcore, this is the right video for you.
  9. Doesn't matter how long I do these workouts they always match my fitness level because I can upgrade/downgrade my weights, pace, and how many rest breaks I give myself. Although Sara may come off as drill sergeant, she repeatedly explains she expects you to take breaks. The "Suck it up" is meant as an inner voice to not cheat yourself and to get back at it. I love the variety of workouts, and that there are many of the same exercises too so that I can master an exercise with improved form. Less time is wasted trying to figure out what comes next this way. I am very uncoordinated so agility type stuff is hard, but these moves I can do, so I can work on my speed and form while keeping my heart rate up. She also has an app on ITunes (Android soon I believe) called Studio S with a bunch more exercises that change monthly and several other features.
  10. After doing 4 mile slog runs every day for years, I find these videos challenging and great for overall fitness. While I'm in pretty good shape, there were many areas of my body that weren't getting a workout. I love these videos (even more once I've completed one). I've had to pull back on my running while my plantar fascitis heals so I'm so thankful to have this video series.